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Bees In Common


There has been a dramatic decline in bees and other pollinating insects over the last 40 years due to habitat loss, pesticide use, invasive species, and climate disruption. This has led to a reduction in the diversity of plant and animal species to be found in many parts of the UK. We Create are in the early stages of a project that will transform a small patch of public land at the foot of the Honeybourne Line embankment to create an optimal habitat for pollinators. We have some ideas about how we’d like to replant the site, and we could also establish a couple of beehives. The honeybee colonies would be managed by a local apiarist and a team of volunteers from the surrounding communities.


We hope to make a positive contribution towards repairing the relationship between nature and people, and Bees In Common joins other projects that are looking to secure and improve the well-being of insects and their habitats worldwide - neither the site nor the pollinators are resources to exploit. We expect this phase of the project to take place over the next 3 years, but who knows, it could still be there in 300 years.

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